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Oh Me, Oh My - Single

E.R. The Maker's latest single is the latest "Strip Club Anthem" in appreciation of all the fine women who make a living off Dancing the night away.  E.R. The Maker's "Oh Me, Oh My" is a fine example of falling in love with a stripper. Influenced by T-Pain's "I'm In Love With A Stripper" yet more moody and fast paced.

Walls - Single

"Walls" released May 1st, 2019 is a dark and weary love song about a man trying to get past his girlfriends "Walls" so they can build an emotional connection. Men & Women alike with a damaged pasts often build an invisible wall so they don't have to let people into their true emotions and feelings. Physical connections and emotional connections are equally important in relationships.

Love Me - E.P.

"Love Me"  the E.P. was released October 27,2018. Recorded in Los Angeles, California with some of the finest engineering in the Industry. E.R. The Maker used his emotion & current relationships issues, and experiences of life of feeling left out as influence to his creativity. 6 songs later, the "Love Me" E.P. was complete.

Robin Williams - Single

"Robin Williams" a song in memory of the longtime successful actor Robin Williams. E.R. The Maker could relate to his method of "pain hiding," which inspired the record as a whole. Its always easier to laugh and mask your pain then to face the emotion at hand. E.R. The Maker hoped this would send a message and bring awareness to suicide prevention. E.R. The Maker released Robin Williams May 12, 2017. The Music video had 60,000 views in the first week.

Wavy - Single

"Wavy" released July 8, 2017 is a feel good song for any day, time, or place. Influenced by Max B, E.R. The Maker took the word "Wavy" and put his own spin on it. Featuring model "Pink Pather" and action B-roll promoting Effen Vodka. The music video was shot in a boat on the water of Grand Haven, Michigan. Time to get Wavy!