The Secret To Video Editing & Making Music

What if I told you there was a secret that most artists don't talk about. It's the fact that Garage Band & iMovie on A MacBook Pro are Free Software Programs that reach professional levels if you're the right editor, or engineer. I've been using the programs for over ten years! You must add some plug-ins to further enhance these programs and have produced nothing but High Quality Sound, & Incredible Video Editing. I've been making the most precious sounds with a MXL 990 & Behringer USB Audio Interface off Amazon. I started to realize the latest GarageBand is free and is exactly the same as Logic Pro, or Pro Tools. Most people don't know that the software isn't as important as Plug Ins. So why spend a heap load on software? Don't! Spend it on plug-ins and get a Macbook Pro! Become a pro today! It's never been so easy & user friendly! Do it with iMovie, & GarageBand. Do It with MacBook Pro.

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