Michigan State, The Lions Of College Football

When football fans think of the worse football team in the NFL, most would say the Detroit Lions without question. The Detroit Lions have always been a weak team yearly for a long time. They only stood a chance with Barry Sanders. Nobody could ever tackle him! Having an extra defender or two on the field wouldn't be sufficient enough either. Barry Sanders was special. Very special like the Michigan State Spartans in 2020 against UNLV Rutgers. The Rutgers haven't won't against a big ten team since 2017. Michigan state changed that when the upset took place

Michigan State has a really rocky season ahead of them if they keep this up. It's unfortunate they didn't win one quarter of the entire football game. All college football fans who witnessed this most likely didn't expect thing to turn out in this nature. Not since 1981 did Michigan State turn the ball over so many times. On top of that who are they going to rely on besides Jayden Reed? Jayden Reed appears to be the go to guy in the offense. Jayden Reed had over 100 yards of receiving yet fumbled twice. Let us pray for the Spartans and the rest of their season.

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