Michigan Football Expected To Win Big Ten Championship

Michigan is looking to win their opening game at Minnesota next weekend. Minnesota is ranked #21 in the NCAA, yet Michigan Wolverines are ranked right above Minnesota at #20 in the NCAA. Leading the offense at QuarterBack Saturday the 24th, is Joe Milton. Mr.Milton stands at 6ft5 and weighs in at 243 pounds. In other words Joe Milton is a monster.

“Joe, he can probably throw 70 yards on his knees,” former Michigan defensive back Lavert Hill once said. In other words Michigan has a solid arm at QuarterBack. After the beating Minnesota will take. The rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State University is taking place on Halloween on 10/31/2020.

Michigan States fans are going to be in a surprise this year. This is a whole new Michigan team with a whole new beat. Jim Harbaugh is ready to not only show Michigan State they have no chance, but as well is looking to pummel the unranked Ohio State as well.

If Michigan wins the Big 10 conference on December 19, they will more than likely win the NCAA national football championship. Be sure to turn your television to ABC to catch the game 10/24 against Minnesota. The game starts at 7:30 Eastern Standard Time.

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