Above is called the AIDA Funnel. It has been the standard business template for successful businesses for over one hundred years. The AIDA model was developed by the American businessman, E. St. Elmo Lewis, in 1898. Year's later Major Brands & Companies use this model to sell their products. You're never in business unless your selling products. Here's where the Independent Music Artists begin to fail. Many Independent artists are against paying for advertising to get their Music Seen in front the Masses. There can be several reasons. Some artists don't really believe in themselves and don't have the patience to or the money to spend on Advertising. There's also a Ego thing where they think things occur "Organically." Yet, technically anytime they share they're music into a facebook group, or feature another artist, it no longer becomes organic because they have audiences with fans that can come from those places that you wouldn't have gained without sharing, or featuring an artist. This mindset has done nothing but keep an artist "local."

The point of advertising is to maximize your sales. The more people that see your product, is the more that will buy it. Its that simple. So Awareness, is first. They have to see it. Theres millions of people who have never seen your product, and you can get them to see it without leaving your own city? Why not take advantage? The next thing is interest. Once people see your product they may or may not like it. The odds are if your a decent artist they will. The more people who see it, means more people will like it. More people who like it, the more that will make the decision to support you. This business model has been used by Major Record Labels for years, and they still use it to Develop artists today.

Digital Ads are becoming the new way of advertising instead of TV/Commerical Ads, & Radio Ads. There is even a Marketer by the name of Jen's The Guru who's whole Job is to take Artists and get their Music Videos to a Million Views. A Million views is a great Foundation for a label to build on. Head to and search @JensTheGuru! Become a successful independent musician today! Market your music to get to the next level.

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