Investing Into Marijuana Stocks

The Marijuana Industry is something that is still early to Invest in. In 2019 many Midwest states began opening up Dispensaries for Medical & Recreational Marijuana Users. The laws were finally set in place, and smokers across the USA were dying to try some. Suddenly COVID-19 hit and affected a lot of businesses. Before hundreds or even thousands of Dispensaries could open the economy fell. Now that the economy is growing and things are opening back up so will all the dispensaries! The spike thats coming to the stock market is incredible. Currently HEXO stocks are one of the cheapest on the market.

Currently on June 14, 2020 HEXO stocks are worth $1.00 a share. Just as much as a McChicken from Mcdonalds. Last year at this time the share was worth about $6. Even in March 2020 as the economy was crashing HEXO remained $3 a share. With the economy running before the laws passed for Dispensaries here in the midwest its stock was at $6. Now imagine the value of each share in the summer of 2021. The potential share value may be at $15 by this time. The same as AURORA Cannabis stocks.

Lets say we are wrong. Lets say despite the industry growing the share value remains. Worse thing that could happen is your $1 share only grows to $6. You do the math. Lets say you own 1000 shares at a $1, and the value only increases to $2 a share, you still double up your money.

Investing into stocks is easy & it's now possible to invest right from your Mobile Device. I use the RobinHood! If you Join Robinhood, we'll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Facebook for free.

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