What Happens now that SXSW & The Revolt Music conference has been shut down in 2020 due to COVID-19? Where do upcoming Music Artists & Producers go to build relationships with music industry professionals & learn the in's and out's of the music industry?

SXSW & Revolt Music Conference have been always been labeled a Major Industry music conference with very informative music panels, performances, & even a vacation for some aspiring artists. You usually fly to the conference, then after flying you have to get a rental vehicle, and as well a hotel and your food! These aren't expenses that are included in your admission to the music conference unfortunately. You can expect anywhere from $2500+ per person after all is said and done for all expenses. Thats if you're a real penny pincher. If you like to drink, thats a whole different tab.

Now a days becoming a music artist has became easier with the digital aggregators. Anyone can get a home studio and release music. The problem is not every aspiring artist or producer has access to these Major music conferences. With COVID-19 existing now where do the artists with access go? We've stated a problem, but we have a solution.

In early June 2020 I was introduced to Bill Novoa by Gee Gee Miller. Mr Novoa is a manager for Kuniva (D-12) who owns and operates his own entertainment company "Novoa Ent." Mr.Novoa has created a platform for all artists, producers, & businessmen to learn and have an open discussion with the some of the Entertainment Industry's top players. A Music Conference that you can attend without leaving your own home. The Platform is named "Digital Music Conference." Tickets are available at

On June 27th, 2020 the latest event I had the chance to attend had Sticky Fingaz (Onyx) Producer Jason Mazur (Hulu Nation) & Much more. I was taken back from all the information I received from each speaker. The greatest part is to attend these four hour events they only cost $10 to $15 depending on who's on the panel. Could you imagine learning an hour of game from Sticky Fingaz for that cheap?

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