Major Record Labels have been taking advantage of artists since the beginning of the music industry. Most artists aren't even aware of it either. They give you an advance to launch your career and expect you to create while they build your career, and steal all your money. Some of the best artists we know have had it happen to them. The Major Labels have been harboring the information for artists to be successful for many years. Artist's that don't know the business and paperwork behind the music are so easy to take advantage of.

Geffen Records, a Major Record Label that has signed the likes of Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, & much more accidentily hired an Angel, her name is Gee Gee Miller. Gee Gee learned the 'In's & Out's" of the Music Business indefinitely, and now has made a service out of it. Gee Gee is teaching artists the game without taking a single percentage of your music. She teaches the game so you won't ever need the help of a Label to make a living off music. She has clients that only get a few likes on their Facebook posts that make thousands of dollars quarterly from their home studio.

The Industry has became more digital and more independent over the last ten years with services that collect publishing on your behalf (SongTrust.com), services that distribute your music (CDBaby, Distrokid, TuneCore) & much more. It's one thing to have these services its another to understand why and how to utilize them to maximize your earning potential.

Don't wait to get all of your money! Gee Gee is always willing to service new clientele. Feel free to reach out to Gee Gee on Instagram. Instagram.com/geegeemillr or e-mail her at Milr3826@gmail.com

Head to www.erthemaker.com/freemusicbook for your free copy of "$150,000 Music Degree" written by Rick Barker, Taylor Swift's former Manager.

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